New to Tuscany Hills - pool, playground area, and basketball court!

Community is more than just a place. It's a feeling. Community is a sense of belonging – a sense of a neighborhood and shared pride.

Tuscany Hills is a community of people like you who want to live a better and more fulfilling life – the kind of life that being closer to nature and the countryside offers you.

Quality of life is a necessity we put first in Tuscany Hills.

To assure this quality of life for you and your family, the Tuscany Hills Home Owners Association enables your community to maintain high standards to protect and preserve your investment in your home.

The Tuscany Hills Home Owners Association dues are uncommonly affordable at $60.00 per month and include:

  • Security Fenced with Gated Entrances.
  • A complete Community Area with a Swimming Pool for residents only.
  • Maintenance foreman, who works to help keep your community looking its best!
  • Trash and Refuse Collection and Removal Service
  • Snow Removal on all streets and entrances.

The following are Frequently Asked Questions that we believe will address most of your quality of life issues to assure your satisfaction, and to assure that your property values will always be maintained to the highest standards in the best possible manner .

  • Lots are restricted to single-family residential use only and cannot be used, improved or devoted to any other use. No lot may be subdivided and conveyed or rented/leased to another person/entity.
  • All residential dwellings are to be a minimum of 2,200 square feet of living space and its design must be compatibility with the overall appearance of the Tuscany Hills community so as to maintain the best practices of property value retention.
  • All driveways and parking areas must be constructed of concrete, and vehicles cannot be parked on any areas other than driveways and parking areas.
  • To strive to maintain the best property values for themselves and their neighbors, each resident homeowner must complete and maintain landscaping including front and side yards upon taking up residence so as to provide the pride of ownership and the best quality of life to the Tuscan Hills community.
  • Country life is wonderful, but Tuscany Hills' residents cannot be involved in raising fowl or livestock on any property within Tuscany Hills. Of course, residents can have house pets, but pets must be controlled and not allowed to run loose.
  • In keeping with the aesthetically pleasing environment of Tuscany Hills, all antennas, satellite dishes or other devices shall be erected as inconspicuously as possible and not to be visible from the street.
  • In the same vein, all buildings, fences, walls, canopies, or other structure shall be installed only with prior written approval of the Home Owners Association.
  • Signs cannot be displayed, whether attached to the exterior of the home or freestanding, without special approval of the Homeowners' Association.
  • Tuscany Hills offers our residents and community a rare and beneficial advantage to all residents – the preservation of its natural environment while affording privacy as well. To accomplish this, Tuscany Hills requires a buffer zone approximately 5 feet wide along the perimeter of all homesites' lots in which no structures or such can be erected. Also, no trees in good condition and larger than two inches in diameter can be removed n these areas so the general aesthetics of the Tuscany Hills community is preserved and maintained in as natural a setting as possible.
  • Trailers, tents, or temporary buildings or structures of any kind cannot be allowed on any residential lot.
  • Peace and tranquility and the freedom from unsightly views are the rights of every property owner in Tuscany Hills. So, naturally, mobile homes, RVs, and motor homes, trucks, campers, boats, and so on, cannot be parked or kept on any streets within Tuscany Hills overnight, or in a way that creates a unpleasing view from any other lot or home. Overly noisy vehicles cannot be allowed for the same reasons.
  • The simple matter of trash and refuse collection and snow removal are the most convenient and popular services provided for our community by our homeowners' association as part of the very affordable monthly dues.

For a complete review and understanding of all of the Tuscany Hills' community standards for protecting your investment, please download the complete Declaration of Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions of Tuscany Hills.